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The Circle is the symbol of God who possesses the fullness of life. The Alpha reminds us that our life begins with the fullness of life in God. The Omega reminds us that our life must end with the fullness of life in God. The Cross reminds us of Christ crucified who has this fullness of life. It is through Him with Him and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, we live and strive for the fullness of life. Blue is traditionally Mother Mary’s colour, so it represents her.


  • Lenten Evening of Recollection
  • Fortnightly Prayer meetings
  • Spiritual Formations
  • Church Visiting on Holy Thursday
  • Inter-Ministry Events: Canteen Duty with RCIA, Sale of T-Shirts, Distribution of Booklets and Prayer Cards, Security at Floral Walls, etc., Fund raising for Homes and Hospices Outings and Get-Togethers.


The Alpha & Omega was formed in December 1984. The pioneers of this group were former members of the Novena Youth Group who felt the need for a similar group for working adults. They therefore initiated the formation of the Vine & Branches (Extension). Having established itself quite independently, it then revised its name with effect from March 1986. The Alpha & Omega now stands as a recognized and independent group in the Novena Church.


To gather working adults together so that they can help each other to deepen their faith through prayer meetings, formation programs and pastoral activities.


The Lord called each one of us to be together, to belong, to feel accepted, to be needed and to have friends.


“In Him is the Alpha & Omega In Him we are all that we are.”