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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 1928 he was transferred to the apostolic community of Cuenca. He then moved to the seminary because of the outbreak of persecution. There, on August 9, 1936. he was arrested while praying the rosary, and was shot along the road that leads from Cuenca to Tragacete.(2) Fr. Samaniego died as he had lived - in loving state as a victim, in classic martyr stance: kneeling and praying the rosary, with a smile for his executioners.

​On October 13, 2013 the town of Tarragona, Spain, witnessed the beatification of six Spanish Redemptorist martyrs: Rev. José Javier Gorosterrazu and five of his confreres (3).

Bl. Julián Pozo Y Ruiz de Samaniego

 (1903-1936; Feast Day: November 6)

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"What joy to live detached from disorder and wait for an eternal heaven"

(Translated from Bl. Samaniego's letter to his parents, dated September 9, 1935.)

​​​​​​​​​​​​Not only did Fr. Samaniego love people but he also had the skills to communicate that love, being always joyful, optimistic and happy, and with a ready smile, despite suffering from tuberculosis in his right lung since 1921. Of a serene disposition, he was much sought after for his gifts as a confessor and spiritual director.

Bl. Samaniego

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fr. Julián Pozo Y Ruiz de Samaniego was born in Payueta (Álava) January 7, 1903. His parents were Toribio Fernandez Pozo and Micaela Ruiz de Samaniego Viana, a family with deep roots of faith. His uncle, Fr. Felix P. uiz de Samaniego, a Redemptorist, initially considered Julian too young to apply when Julian asked to join the Order. However, he later helped him to be admitted to the minor seminary in El Espino (Burgos) on August 30, 1913.(1)

Later, he moved to the Convent of San Pablo in Cuenca. On August, along with his companions, Julian wore the Redemptorist habit under the guidance of Father Rafael Cavero, He professed his vows in on August 26, 1920 at Nava del Roy (Valladolid), and was ordained a priest on September 27,1925.