Homily on ​Redevelopment

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Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore

Homily on Redvelopment of Novena Church and taking the "narrow road"​​​

by Rev. Fr. Gerard Louis, C.Ss.R., 29 October 2016

Back in 2009, the Redemptorists came to the realization that the existing Novena Church would no longer be adequate for the future. We faced a dilemma. If our mission was to grow, we needed a new church. But, we also needed to preserve the old church. It could be done, and we looked at a few possible designs, but there was a problem. The cost. At first, it was $40m, and then it rose to $45m, and just went up and up to $55m! Would we go ahead? 

Crazy? Yes. A risk? Of course! But if this dream was to come true, we would have to take the narrow road. We made the difficult, brave and risky decision to go ahead and say “Yes!”.​

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