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Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore

Formation Sessions for all Ministries of Novena Church were held once monthly starting 19th April 2015 at St. Joseph's Institution school hall. The Theme "Unity is our Strength" was selected with the aim of focusing members on the need to unite and overcome differences with Love so as to build a vibrant and inclusive Novena Community to meet the the needs of the new church when it is ready in 2017. Visit the Formation Session Pages to view the Vision Statement and Core Values of Novena Church, and view the photographs and video of the first session by clicking here ...

"My God, I intend to love you with as many acts of love as Our Lady and all the blessed spirits have loved you since their creation, and with all the faithful of the earth and with the love with which Jesus Christ bore towards himself and those whom he loved."

St. Gerard Majella

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Ministry is an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith, and 2003's Encyclopedia of Christianity defines it as "carrying forth Christ's mission in the world", indicating that it is "conferred on each Christian in baptism." (1). The ministries established in Novena Church fall under 3 broad categories: Liturgical, Pastoral and Youth. There are a total of 19 ministries, with 8 under Liturgical, another 9 under Pastoral, and 2 under Youth.