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Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore

Music Ministry

Spiritual Directors (2017):

  • Rev Frs Eugene Lee and Clement Lee


  • The Music Ministry is made up of 5 choirs - St. Alphonsus Liguori's Choir (commonly known as St. Alphonsus' Choir or SAC), St. John Neumann's Choir (or SJNC), St. Gerard Majella's Choir (commonly known as St. Gerard's Choir or SGC). Bl. Celeste Crostarosa's Choir (or BCC), and Bl. Gennaro Sarnelli's Choir (or BSC).  The first 4 choirs sing regularly at the Sunday Masses, with SJNC in-attendance at the 8.00am Mass, SAC at 10.00am Mass, SGC at 12.00pm Mass and BCC at 12.00pm Mass on every 4th Sunday of the month - all held at St. Joseph's Institution Junior school hall during the redevelopment of Novena Church. The 5th choir, BSC, is currently being formed and will sing at the 6.30pm Saturday Evening Mass when the new Novena Church reopens in August 2017. BSC & SAC are currently on a recruitment drive.


  • Sing at various regular Celebrations of the Eucharist and at feasts and events held by the Church;
  • Introduce and teach the congregation new hymns,
  • Participate in inter-Ministry activities, such as all Ministry conferences,
  • Carolling with other Ministries,
  • Improving communication and coordination amongst the choirs and with the Liturgical Committee and Prefect. 


To proclaim the glory of God in music with participation of the congregation and the celebrant so as to support the building of a vibrant and inclusive Christian community.