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Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore

Novena Media Ministry

"Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak."
Saint Anthony of Padua

Spiritual Directors (2017):

  • Rev Frs Peter Wee, Francis Vijayan and Terence Wee


  • The church operates 4 social media accounts; (1) website (<>), Facebook (<>); Twitter (<>). Instagram: <Novenachurchsg>; and RMT (Redemptorist Mission Team) (<>)
  • Prepares Projections for Sunday Celebrations of the Eucharist and other celebrations (by i-Lit team, since 27th Ordinary Sunday, Yr B, 2011); Power Point template was adapted to suit the screens at St. Joseph's Institution Junior school hall;
  • Website was launched on 27 January 2012, and a 2nd re-vamp done in December 2014; Viewership currently averages 15,000 per month;
  • The Sunday Bulletin was re-vamped and llaunched as NOVENAnotes on 3 February 2012; click here for NovenaNotes archive;
  • Production of videos on Church (history, special events, etc.,); click here for video archive;
  • Projection of publicity material on missions, special celebrations, etc.,
  • Use of other information and multi-media technologies appropriate for the spread of the Word of God;
  • Inter-Ministry events (e.g., Rosary Recitations and Stations of the Cross);
  • Fellowship / Bonding events / attendance at seminars (e.g., Cebu Web Seminar in July 2014).


To proclaim anew the Gospel of Jesus through the instruments of modern information technology and the multi-media so that the Gospel is accessible to a greater and wider audience.