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Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore

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30th: 1st Sun Advent
December7th: 2nd Sun Advent14th: 3rd Sun Advent21st: 4th Sun Advent28th: Holy Family

January4th: Epiphany11th: Baptism of the Lord18th: 2nd Sun Ordinary25th: 3rd Sun Ordinary
February1st: 4th Sun Ordinary8th: 5th Sun Ordinary15th: 6th Sun Ordinary22nd: 1st Sun Lent
March1st: 2nd Sun Lent8th: 3rd Sun Lent15th: 4th Sun Lent22nd: 5th Sun Lent29th: Palm Sunday
April5th: Easter Sunday12th: Divine Mercy Sunday19th: 3rd Sun Easter26th: Good Shepherd
May3rd: 5th Sun Easter10th: 6th Sun Easter17th: 7th Sun Easter24th: Pentecost31st: Trinity Sunday
June7th: Corpus Christi14th: 11th Sun Ordinary21st: 12th Sun Ordinary28th: 13th Sun Ordinary
July5th: 14th Sun Ordinary12th: 15th Sun Ordinary19th: 16th Sun Ordinary26th: 17th Sun Ordinary
August2nd: St. Alphonsus solemnity9th: 19th Sun Ordinary16th: 20th Sun Ordinary23rd: 21st Sun Ordinary30th: 22nd Sun Ordinary
September6th: 23rd Sun Ordinary13th: 24th Sun Ordinary20th: 25th Sun Ordinary27th: 26th Sun Ordinary
October4th: 27th Sun Ordinary11th: 28th Sun Ordinary18th: Mission Sunday25th: 30th Sun Ordinary
November1st: All Saints8th: 32nd Sun Ordinary15th: 33rd Sun Ordinary22nd: Christ the King29th: 1st Sunday Advent
December6th: 2nd Sunday Advent13th: 3rd Sunday Advent20th: 4th Sunday Advent27th: Holy Family

January3rd: Epiphany of the Lord10th: Baptism of the Lord17th: 2nd Sunday Ordinary24th: 3rd Sunday Ordinary24th: 4th Sunday Ordinary
February7th: 5th Sunday Ordinary14th: 1st Sunday Lent21st: 2nd Sunday Lent28th: 3rd Sunday Lent
March6th: 4th Sunday Lent13th: 5th Sunday Lent20th: Palm Sunday27th: Easter Sunday  
April3rd: Divine Mercy Sunday10th  3rd Sunday Easter17th: 4th Sunday Easter24th: 5th Sunday Easter
May1st: 6th Sunday Easter8th: 7th Sunday Easter15th: Pentecost Sunday22nd: Trinity Sunday 29th; Corpus Christi
June5th:10th Sunday Ordinary12th:11th Sunday Ordinary19th: 12th Sunday Ordinary26th: 13th Sunday Ordinary
3rd: 14th Sunday Ordinary10th 15th Sunday Ordinary17th: Holy Redeemer24th: 17th Sunday Ordinary31st: 18th Sunday Ordinary
August7th: 19th Sunday Ordinary14th Assumption of BVM21st: 21st Sunday Ordinary28th: 22nd Sunday Ordinary
September4th: 23rd Sunday Ordinary11th 24th Sunday Ordinary18th:25th Sunday Ordinary25th: 26th Sunday Ordinary
October2nd: 27th Sunday Ordinary9th: 28th Sunday Ordinary16th: 29th Sunday Ordinary23rd: Mission Sunday30th: 31st Sunday Ordinary
November6th: 32nd Sunday Ordinary13th; 33rd Sunday Ordinary20th:Christ the King27th: 1st  Sunday of Advent
December4th:2nd Sunday of Advent11th:3rd Sunday of Advent18th:4th Sunday of Advent25th: Christmas Day

"An evangelizer must never look like someone who has just come back from a funeral,"

Pope Francis [from "Evangelii Gaudium" ("The Joy of the Gospel"), published in November, 2013] 

NovenaNotes is a weekly bulletin published by the Media Ministry of Novena Church. Below is an archive of the bulletins starting from the new Church calendar, commencing 1st Sunday of Advent Year B (2014/2015), 30th November 2014.

NovenaNotes Archive (1/2)