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Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore

"Make her known throughout the world"

(Pope Pius IX to the Redemptorist Superior General, 1865)

Petitions and Thanksgiving Letters are requests and letters of thanks respectively. Petitions request for help and intercession from Our Mother of Perpetual Help to her Divine Son, Jesus Christ, while Thanksgiving Letters are submitted by the faithful in appreciation and gratitude to Our Mother for so interceding to her Son to grant these petitions and blessings. The submissions are testimonies of faith and devotion to Our Mother and samples of Petitions and Thanksgiving Letters are read out during the Novena devotions each Saturday. They serve as a source of inspiration and consolation to those listening, especially those whose hearts are troubled by the challenges faced in life. Many are brought to the Catholic faith through the Novena devotions.

The more recent Petitions and Letters are reproduced in the webpages: 2013 (partial), 2014, 2015 ,2016 and 2017 (to-date). It is hoped that they will continue to touch the hearts of everyone who reads them. At each Annual Procession (also known as "Our Lady's Procession"), a general Letter of Thanksgiving, composed by the laity, is read out. The Letter of Thanksgiving for 2014 (read at the last Annual Procession before the church was vacated for redevelopment) is reproduced below.

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