DateLiturgical DateTitle of Reflection
2016 (contd., from 2/3)
1Sixth Sunday Easter Yr C"Keep My Word - Live Like Me"

Seventh Sunday Easter Yr C
"Between Ascension and Pentecost: A Lesson in Patience"

15Pentecost Sunday, Yr C"Lord, send out your spirit to renew the face of the earth"

22Trinity Sunday, Yr C"One God In Three Persons'

29The Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord"Do We Truly Believe?"
510th Sunday of Ordinary Time"God Has Come To Visit Us"

1211th Sunday of Ordinary Time"The Measure Of Love"

1912th Sunday of Ordinary Time" We are all one in Christ"

2613th Sunday of Ordinary Time"Complete Commitment and Full Freedom"
314th Sunday of Ordinary Time"Labourers for the Harvest"

1015th Sunday of Ordinary Time / Bible Sunday"Celebrating the Living Word!"

Solemnity of the Most Holy Redeemer
"With Him there is Plentiful Redemption"

24 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time"BFF = Best Father Forever"

3118th Sunday of Ordinary Time."Happy Feast Day"
Aug719th Sunday of Ordinary Tme"God Among Us"

14Solemnity of The Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin"Hail Mary"

21 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time."Endure your trials as "discipline""

2822nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Lay Apostolate Sunday)"Humility"
Sep423rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help)"Carry Your Cross And Follow Me"

1124th Sunday of Ordinary Time"Be Merciful Like The Father"

1825th Sunday of Ordinary Time"If you are not trustworthy with what belong to another, who will give you what is yours?"

2526th Sunday of Ordinary Time"Please Mind The Platform Gap"
Oct227th Sunday Ordinary Time
"Where Is God?"

928th Sunday Ordinary Time"Return With Thanksgiving"

1629th Sunday Ordinary Time"Pray Always Without Becoming Weary"

23Mission Sunday"Sinners In Church"

3031st Sunday Ordinary Time"Making Us Special"
Nov632nd Sunday Ordinary Time"Do You believe in the Resurrection"

1333rd Sunday Ordinary Time"Running With Endurance"

34th Sunday Ordinary Time (Christ the King)
"Jesus, Remember me when You come into Your Kingdom"

271st Sunday of Advent, Year A"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End"
Dec42nd Sunday of Advent, Year A"Prepare the way of the Lord – Repent!"

113rd Sunday of Advent, Year A"Prepare the Way"

184th Sunday of Advent, Year A"God Is With Us"

25Christmas Day"Loneliness Amidst Joy"

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