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Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore

(iv) To enhance an Openness / Non-judgmental approach, we will:

  • Share personal life experiences during prayer meet,
  • Share God experiences with one another,
  • Accept suggestions / feedback from members to improve our activities, •
  • Accept members as who they are (respect),
  • Give opportunities to members to grow.

(iii) To enhance Responsibility, we will:

  • Take turns to lead weekly prayermeet session,
  • Take turns to organize events (e.g., Retreats program, retreats logistic, outing etc.,),
  • Take turns to convey messages to members.

(ii) To enhance Caring, we will:

  • Visit hospitals / funeral wakes of our members’ family / relatives,
  • Organize paraturgy for members having on-coming examinations,
  • Having monthly birthday celebrations for members,
  • Groom new leadership.


Living our Shared Values

(i) To enhance Teamwork, we will:

  • Communicate (by sms / calls) to all members about upcoming events,
  • Visit members’ houses for Fatima prayer fellowship at least once every two months,
  • Organize church events (eg. Chinese New Year Eve Mass, Bowling Tournament, City Districts Youth Activities).

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(v) To enhance being Spiritual, we will:

  • Reflect on Sunday Readings.
  • Conduct Rosary sessions every Sunday.
  • Attend Mass & Novena Devotion together regularly.
  • Retreat with Spiritual Director twice a year. Having stated all the above values.


Our Mission is to Reach out to the Poor and Abandoned Youth.

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