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They are known as "apostles of conversion" because their goal is to help people make a decision for Christ and to draw them to a continuing and total conversion. As Redemptorists, they believe that their own lives and work must be pathways for Christ's redeeming love, especially for those most vulnerable, the poor and abandoned, whether in spirit, mind, or body.

Click on video (left) to view the a collection of photographs of visits to families and home Masses conducted during the Church of the Holy Spirit Parish Mission 2014/2015, Phase 2, Week 2 (November 24 - 28.)

The Redemptorist brothers also share in this charism, while having a special focus in areas like catechetics, home administration, missions, counselors, school retreats and youth apostolates.

They live together as what is called an apostolic community, where prayer and the Eucharist are central to their lives. In this spirit, each community seeks to be close to the people, to be warm and friendly and to be a inspiring and encouraging sign of God's love. Each community strives to be a joyful witness of the presence of Jesus Christ, both in recreation and work. In addition, they also live a vowed life of poverty, chastity and obedience, freely chosen and lived so as to respond more fully to those we serve.

There is no one path followed by Redemptorists. Their work takes on many forms: mission preaching; retreats; parish work, especially in economically deprived communities; youths/young adults; works of justice and peace; ministries to people in special need.

The Redemptorists are therefore preachers, teachers, confessors and spiritual directors to old and young alike. They are constantly challenged to take on new apostolic activities on behalf of people and groups who are most neglected by society. They strive to put their ideals to work in what is often an unkind world.

The Redemptorist charism is a spirit of compassion which goes out to those who are left out. The Redemptorist priest devotes himself to preaching the Good News through parish missions. In addition, he also conducts retreats for other priests, religious and lay organizations and runs school missions.

The Redemptorists work closely with laity as counselors, while also contributing as writers, teachers and theologians to enliven the faith and hope of the local church. The Redemptorists are committed to promote a strong devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus - Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

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